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Wed Feb 18 09:42:14 GMT 2015

I know this is an old message, but did you get this sorted?

I'm trying to rebuild the srpm and having the same issue when I try to install it.


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Hi all,

I'm trying to get an up to date RPM built, using a CentOS 6 machine do the building.

I've downloaded mailscanner-4.84.6-1.src.rpm

I've unpacked using rpm -i and that seems fine, I can see the source tgz and specs file as I would expect.

I've then unpacked the tgz, pulled in latest files from git and made a patch which I've added to the specs, then rebuilt the rpm. So far no problem.

When I come to install, however I have the following dependency issues:

--> Processing Dependency: perl(MailScanner::FileInto) for package: 
--> mailscanner-4.84.6-1.noarch Processing Dependency: 
--> perl(MailScanner::MCPMessage) for package: 
--> mailscanner-4.84.6-1.noarch Finished Dependency Resolution
Error: Package: mailscanner-4.84.6-1.noarch (/mailscanner-4.84.6-1.noarch)
           Requires: perl(MailScanner::FileInto)
Error: Package: mailscanner-4.84.6-1.noarch (/mailscanner-4.84.6-1.noarch)
           Requires: perl(MailScanner::MCPMessage)

And on further investigation, if I simply 'rpmbuild --rebuild' the src rpm, the same dependency issues are present. I also notice the rpm I've generated is some 140k smaller than the one downloaded from the MS webpage.

So - I suspect I'm missing a trick with the rebuild. I have been simply doing ' rpmbuild -ba MailScanner4.spec'. Is there something else I should be putting on this command line?



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