v4.85.1.0 Beta for Linux RPM Available

Johan Hendriks joh.hendriks at gmail.com
Sun Feb 15 10:43:06 GMT 2015

I will try the source on FreeBSD maybe later next week. I am not a
developer,  but will try to make it run.
Why are we always left in the cold.  :-)
FreeBSD is so nice to work with.
Op 15 feb. 2015 11:35 schreef "Jerry Benton" <jerry.benton at mailborder.com>:

> After an absurd amount of face-palming over two weeks:
> https://s3.amazonaws.com/mailscanner/MailScanner-4.85.1-0.rpm.tar.gz
> Note: This is beta! If you install on on a production box, that’s on you.
> Please give me feedback via this list if you test this build. It is built
> for RHEL 5,6,7 and tested on CentOS 32 and 64 bit (Except for EL7 of
> course.) I built the installer to use the Yum package manger as much as
> possible.
> - Order of install priority is Base > EPEL > Custom RPM > CPAN (All based
> on the options you select.)
> - For RHEL 6 the dependencies are fulfilled 100% by yum if you elect to
> use EPEL.
> - For RHEL 5 only tnef is missing via yum when using EPEL. The installer
> gives the option to install an RPM package I built from source if it can’t
> find tnef after trying to install it with yum.
> - For RHEL 7 tnef, perl-Filesys-Df, and perl-Sys-Hostname-Long and not
> available in base or EPEL. You are given the option to install these via
> RPMs after the installer tries to install them using yum. Tnef was built by
> me from source and the others were built by other people. From what I
> tested they seem to work fine.
> - You can elect to not install perl-Filesys-Df and perl-Sys-Hostname-Long
> from these RPMs and they will be installed via CPAN if you want to do that.
> - If you elect to install missing modules via CPAN, —nodeps will be used
> when installing the MailScanner RPM. This is because rpm’s auto require
> does not recognize things not installed via RPM. So, for example, even if
> Filesys::Df is installed and available to perl because the installer used
> CPAN to install it, the rpm installer doesn’t see it.
> - The last released version of MailScanner had 2 dependencies attached to
> the RPM: perl and perl-MIME-Tools. This version has 85 dependencies
> attached to the RPM. Why? Glad you asked … I poured over all of the
> MailScanner source code. If a perl module is used in the code I made it a
> dependency. (Many are included with the base perl package.) If an optional
> module like Mail::ClamAV is available, its dependency was added, which
> would be openssl-devel and Inline::C in the case of Mail::ClamAV.
> - Using ClamAV as an example again … The installer will ask if you want to
> install ClamAV, but only if you elect to use EPEL. (Not available in base.)
> If you elect to install ClamAV the installer will check for the perl module
> Mail::ClamAV, which is used by MailScanner if you are using ClamAV. The
> installer will check to see if it is installed. If not, it goes through the
> Base > EPEL > Custom > CPAN routine of installing it. The same is true for
> Mail::SpamAssassin if you elect to install spamassassin.
> I have already completed the tarball source for the next version, but I
> want to go over it again. SuSE after that. After that I will work on the
> Debian package. FreeBSD guys, you are on your own :)
> -
> Jerry Benton
> www.mailborder.com
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