v4.85.1.0 Beta for Linux RPM Available

Jerry Benton jerry.benton at mailborder.com
Sun Feb 15 10:05:59 GMT 2015

After an absurd amount of face-palming over two weeks:


Note: This is beta! If you install on on a production box, that’s on you. 

Please give me feedback via this list if you test this build. It is built for RHEL 5,6,7 and tested on CentOS 32 and 64 bit (Except for EL7 of course.) I built the installer to use the Yum package manger as much as possible. 

- Order of install priority is Base > EPEL > Custom RPM > CPAN (All based on the options you select.) 
- For RHEL 6 the dependencies are fulfilled 100% by yum if you elect to use EPEL. 
- For RHEL 5 only tnef is missing via yum when using EPEL. The installer gives the option to install an RPM package I built from source if it can’t find tnef after trying to install it with yum.
- For RHEL 7 tnef, perl-Filesys-Df, and perl-Sys-Hostname-Long and not available in base or EPEL. You are given the option to install these via RPMs after the installer tries to install them using yum. Tnef was built by me from source and the others were built by other people. From what I tested they seem to work fine.
- You can elect to not install perl-Filesys-Df and perl-Sys-Hostname-Long from these RPMs and they will be installed via CPAN if you want to do that. 
- If you elect to install missing modules via CPAN, —nodeps will be used when installing the MailScanner RPM. This is because rpm’s auto require does not recognize things not installed via RPM. So, for example, even if Filesys::Df is installed and available to perl because the installer used CPAN to install it, the rpm installer doesn’t see it.
- The last released version of MailScanner had 2 dependencies attached to the RPM: perl and perl-MIME-Tools. This version has 85 dependencies attached to the RPM. Why? Glad you asked … I poured over all of the MailScanner source code. If a perl module is used in the code I made it a dependency. (Many are included with the base perl package.) If an optional module like Mail::ClamAV is available, its dependency was added, which would be openssl-devel and Inline::C in the case of Mail::ClamAV.
- Using ClamAV as an example again … The installer will ask if you want to install ClamAV, but only if you elect to use EPEL. (Not available in base.) If you elect to install ClamAV the installer will check for the perl module Mail::ClamAV, which is used by MailScanner if you are using ClamAV. The installer will check to see if it is installed. If not, it goes through the Base > EPEL > Custom > CPAN routine of installing it. The same is true for Mail::SpamAssassin if you elect to install spamassassin. 

I have already completed the tarball source for the next version, but I want to go over it again. SuSE after that. After that I will work on the Debian package. FreeBSD guys, you are on your own :)

Jerry Benton

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