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Perhaps setting up a pool, sort of like the ones for NPT, would be worthwhile.  Mirror the phishing file on a dozen or so servers and do round-robin DNS to share the load.  I'd bet a number of folks using MailScanner would be willing to offer up a tiny amount of disk space and a little bandwidth as a way to give back.  I'd have to clear it w/my boss, but I'd bet we would.  It would certainly be cheaper (I'd think anyway) than your average support contract for a commercial product...

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So I was wondering why my data transfer bill was so damn high … then I found the phishing update server is using a large amount of data from people downloading the update files. So ...

I moved the phishing update server to a new datacenter with more generous data allowance and speed. While I was at it I added the hostname to DNS and to the server. So now you can use that domain name if you like. It is still the same exact server as

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