Score modifications seem to be ignored?

Steve Weigold steve at
Thu Dec 10 17:07:55 UTC 2015

So, I'm still working on resolving this.  In my continued efforts, I've 
learned that my revised scores are being ignored because they are trying 
to change rules in the compiled ruleset.  I realize this is more a 
SpamAssassin question than a MailScanner question, but since MailScanner 
runs SpamAssassin directly and uses it's own SpamAssassin config 
(apparently rather than, this seems the place to discuss it.

Since the rules I want to tweak are in the compiled ruleset, do I

A - find the ruleset files, change the ratings and recompile with 
sa-compile?  Some other variation of this approach?  Are my revised 
rules at risk of being overwritten with an update?

B - make my own similar custom rule (somehow) to ones I feel I want to 
increase?  Presumably those would go in spam.assassin.prefs.conf?

C - some other approach I haven't thought of?


On 12/9/2015 12:50 PM, Steve Weigold wrote:
> In watching my logs on my new gateway, I noticed a couple of rules 
> that I wanted to have a higher effect on the SpamAssassin score. I 
> modified them in spam.assassin.prefs.conf (as below) and restarted 
> MailScanner, but the change doesn't seem to be recognized.
> score LOTS_OF_MONEY 2
> score URIBL_DBL_SPAM 3.5
> Am I missing something?
> Steve

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