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IMHO this is just a "middle-managment" idiocy. Why don't they just go 
for a coffee break? Or indeed just stop looking at their email if they 
are not required to? Is it in writing as a policy at least so people 
feel OK about going offline? Or is it a one-upmanship thing where 
everyone is too afraid to stop looking in case they look bad in 
comparison with the compulsive unpaid overtime crowd?

Worthy of Dilbert anyway - ie transform an obvious people management 
problem into an IT problem (because most managers are incapable of 

I have the same thing with telephony, ie "what technology can make 
people who don't pick up the phone, pick up the phone, but not make 
people feel like we're a call centre". We've pitched ACD but no-one's 
willing to stump up the <100K licence for the org. But they don't 
understand that when you have someone that doesn't want to use the 
phone, no amount of technology (short of electric shocks/live grenades 
etc) will make them do it!


On 06/10/14 12:15, ja at wrote:
> hi
> its not a spam issue so maybe a bit off topic but Im just thinking if 
> maybe this is something mailscanner could do anyway or if anyone would 
> maybe thing ahh you can do this...
> we are scanning incomming mail for a domain XXXX - not all users, but 
> some/most we want to control WHEN they get the emails. During most of 
> the working hours we want some of the users to have "a break" (yes 
> they could just close the mail program :) ). Could we in anyway force 
> this by accepting the mails to the mailserver/mailscanner but delay 
> the relay until after ie. 18.00 hours. During off hours all mails are 
> delivered straight away. Our mailserver does not support anything like 
> this. Also since its not ALL of the users/domains we cannot just 
> shutdown the firewall AND we dont want the sender of the email to get 
> a "delayed" report.
> ideas? know of a proxy smtp or something other or something smart in 
> MailScanner ?
> best regards
> Jan

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