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its not a spam issue so maybe a bit off topic but Im just thinking if 
maybe this is something mailscanner could do anyway or if anyone would 
maybe thing ahh you can do this...

we are scanning incomming mail for a domain XXXX - not all users, but 
some/most we want to control WHEN they get the emails. During most of 
the working hours we want some of the users to have "a break" (yes they 
could just close the mail program :) ). Could we in anyway force this by 
accepting the mails to the mailserver/mailscanner but delay the relay 
until after ie. 18.00 hours. During off hours all mails are delivered 
straight away. Our mailserver does not support anything like this. Also 
since its not ALL of the users/domains we cannot just shutdown the 
firewall AND we dont want the sender of the email to get a "delayed" 

ideas? know of a proxy smtp or something other or something smart in 
MailScanner ?

best regards
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