Mailscanner loops stops processing emails.

Valentin Laskov it at
Tue May 20 15:20:05 IST 2014

You can try using clamscan not clamd or clamdscan.
clamscan works not so fast - it loads virus database each time it started, but you can obtain reliability this way. You can decrease 
number of MailScanner child processes to decrease system load.

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| 0.98.1_1
| I tried using the .3 version but it doesn't compile for me either. I'm waiting for the .4 version to become available in the 
freebsd ports. I'm not sure it's going to fix my problem through.
| I would say it's a permission problem but it works most of the time, so could it be?
| When I get a heavy load like a ddos or something, it breaks. Clamd crashes and then restarts, processes some mail but then crashes 
again. Since I changed the Processing db to 0 I don't get this loop any more, so I'm happy now, but I really want to try and fix the 
clamd crashing problems.
| I will continue to debug clamd.
| Thanks,
| Rich
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| clamd ???  :)  What version ?
| I'm still using  0.98.1 because 0.98.3 is buggy
| There is 0.98.4.rc1 which I can't compile
| Valentin

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