Is anyone else getting hammered by Russian spam

Richard Mealing richard at
Fri Mar 7 05:05:42 GMT 2014

Hi Philip,

Have you looked at RelayCountry plugin for spamassassin?

# Block countries
loadplugin Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::RelayCountry

header          RELAYCOUNTRY_BAD X-Relay-Countries =~ /^(RU|CN)/
describe        RELAYCOUNTRY_BAD foreign spam
score           RELAYCOUNTRY_BAD 3.0

I also add Russian uri links to a rule and this catches loads of stuff.

uri      LOCAL_URI_RU    m{https?://.{1,40}\.ru\b}
describe LOCAL_URI_RU Contains a URI hosted in RU
score   LOCAL_URI_RU 1.5

Hope this helps,

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Any pointers of a rule that can block it ? It is all just Russian words. 

Thank you
P Parsons
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