Password protected zips into quarantine by ruleset

Stef Morrell stef at
Fri Jun 13 11:38:47 IST 2014

Hi guys,

I'm struggling a bit with how MS deals with password protected zipfiles, so any of the below could be complete misinterpretation, feel free to correct my ignorance!

It seems to me that MS detects password protected zips by means of being informed by the virus scanner and then treating it as a virus, using the special keyword Zip-Password in various MailScanner.conf settings.

And then there is the 

Allow Password-Protected Archives = <yes/no>


Somewhere in all this I would like to be able to have a ruleset which says for password protected zipfiles, I can allow them to pass (for users who get them all the time), quarantine (for users who get them occasionally), or default block.

And I can't for the life of me work out how to achieve this.

Can anyone advise?



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