Rechnung offline Spam

Johan Hendriks joh.hendriks at
Wed Jun 11 14:41:49 IST 2014

Hello all.

I am trying to stop some spam but it seems MailScanner just lets them 

It is about mail with the following Subject.
RechnungOnline Monat Juni 2014 (Buchungskonto: 4660367728)

So i made a  file with the following

header TELECOM_SUBJECT      Subject =~ /RechnungOnline/i
score TELECOM_SUBJECT       5.1
describe TELECOM_SUBJECT    Telekom spam

Is my rule not ok, and is it looking for a subject ONLY with 
RechnungOnline ??

Secondly the mail contains a Trojan and that also is getting through?

Could someone please help me.


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