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Hey Greg,

Not in so many words, but you could try the following:

Personally I use a dual-instance Postfix method protecting my Exchange servers. A list of valid recipients is pushed to the servers on a frequent basis to only allow known email addresses through, similar to what's being described in the last URL, except for the parts about exposing SMB or LDAP from the internal network..

You can generate the user list by modifying the example VBS (but take into account contacts, groups and mail enabled public folders), or roll your own in your language of choice. You can setup PSCP to push the file to your Postfix server via trusted keys (ideally as a non-privileged user), and protect it with something like rssh to only allow restricted scp access (depending on your version of OpenSSH).


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Hello. Please be kind as I'm still learning the program and I'll have lots of questions. Is there a webpage that lists the instructions to install MailScanner + Postfix if you are using it as a front-end for an Exchange 2010 server? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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