White list issue

Alex Neuman alex at vidadigital.com.pa
Wed Jul 9 16:30:50 IST 2014

I've only seen this behavior when the whitelisting "hits" a rule that
you're not seeing, even though it's there - such as IP address, for example.

Also, when a message is sent TO: a whitelisted user, everybody else in the
message gets it.


From: spammer at douchebag.com
To: johndoe at victim.com (whitelisted)
CC: Spamhater at victim.com (not whitelisted)

Unless you "split messages per recipient" (something that depends on your
MTA), since To: johndoe at victim.com is whitelisted or since
From:spammer at douchebag.com and To:johndoe at victim.com is whitelisted or
From: douchebag.com and To: (you get the picture) spamhater@ gets a copy.

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On Wed, Jul 9, 2014 at 9:13 AM, Chris Barber <chris at techquility.net> wrote:

> Hi All,
> We have the latest MailScanner and Mailwatch combo running on CentOS. Has
> been working fine for a long time. We have a couple of users who are
> receiving spam and it shows as white listed in the Mailwatch interface.
> However, the email address nor the domain are on the white list at all.
> Has anyone seen this behavior? I am at a loss.
> Thanks!
> Chris
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