Deliver Cleaned Messages = yes (bypasses spam engine)

Shawn Iverson IversonS at
Tue Jan 28 01:37:46 GMT 2014

Spam can have viruses attached.  Just because it has a virus, and the virus is removed, doesn't mean that the email itself should be delivered without checking against the spam engine.  That is what is happening.  The virus is removed, and the email is delivered without a spam score.

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>>> Jerry Benton <jerry.benton at> 1/27/2014 6:46 PM >>>

Why would you want to have an email delivered that arrived with a virus attached to it in the first place? I cannot think of any circumstance where you would want to. Keep in mind that viruses are not "bad files". For example, a .exe (if not allowed by your policy) would be a bad file. Not a virus. 

Jerry Benton

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