Treat Invalid Watermarks with No Sender as Spam

Shawn Iverson IversonS at
Mon Feb 24 23:54:16 GMT 2014

Use Watermarking = yes
Add Watermark = yes
Check Watermarks With No Sender = yes
Treat Invalid Watermarks With No Sender as Spam = high-scoring spam
Check Watermarks To Skip Spam Checks = yes
Watermark Secret = mysecret
Watermark Lifetime = 604800
Watermark Header = X-%org-name%-MailScanner-EFA-Watermark:

Message sent to my gmail from inside has a watermark...appears to be
watermarking outbound emails ok.
Valid Delivery Success Notification from remote server that was
blocked, watermark not X headers are gone...

Shawn Iverson
Rush County Schools
District Technology Coordinator
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>>> Kevin Miller <Kevin_Miller at> 2/21/2014 8:23 PM >>>

What are your watermark settings in MailScanner.conf?  The idea behind
a watermark is outbound mail gets watermarked. Bounces include the
original headers so the watermark should be in it if it came from you. 
If there’s no watermark it implies it’s a forged NDR.  (You probably
already understand all that – just being pedantic.)
Can you check your outbound messages to verify they’re getting
watermarked?  Maybe post some examples to pastebin.  It’s hard to say
w/o seeing the actual message headers.  Post your watermark settings
too.  Naturally you’ll want to munge the “Watermark Secret” to something
other than the actual value you use.
Kevin Miller
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