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Mon Aug 11 15:57:27 IST 2014

 This was the basic format I was probably going to implement. It would probably be 3x6x3 or 2x8x2

I am also considering a CMS so that updates can be easily made. This would also allow for content versioning, etc. It would also allow certain authors to help maintain the site. (access restrictions)

As I mentioned, I am in the middle of a move, so it may be a couple of months. I also have the next version of MailScanner ready, but I need to work out, on a long term basis, how we are going to create the source, rpm, and deb packages from Github. The new version includes some basic fixes like the -U option along with some other fixes for deprecated items in perl. (And of course the infamous tnef issue.)

Who is the list admin now? I just got a hold notice due to the thread being over 100k.

Jerry Benton

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