First Match vs All Match

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Without seeing your actual rule file (in the MailScanner/rules directory) it's hard to say what you're doing, but I'd do this:

In MailScanner.conf
  Allow Webbugs = %rules-dir%/webbugs.rules

In MailScanner/rules directory:
Filename: webbugs.rules

   FromOrTo:    user at         yes
   FromOrTo:    *   yes
   FromOrTo:    default                 disarm

This will let user at<mailto:user at> and all users at send webbugs and disarm all others.  You can also just use From: and/or To: as the first field as appropriate to your environment.

See the EXAMPLES (in the rules directory) file for more details...

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So, I found out the hard way after much face-to-keyboard action that "Allow Webbugs" is an "All Match" rule. So if I have this:

user at domain  yes<>  disarm

If user at domain sends a web bug in an email it will be allowed. Unless of course he sends it to<> where it will be denied. Well, this presents a problem if you have a valid sender you wish to allow to send web bugs to your domain while blocking all others.

So, does anyone know if All Match and First Match is a configurable item for rule sets? I know it is not in the MailScanner.conf, but perhaps a pm file could be modified?


Jerry Benton
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