Single email, multiple Spamassassin attempls

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You need to change user to postfix, so - su postfix

For Ubuntu, I would normally 'su' to root first, then - su postfix


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On Thu, May 16, 2013 at 4:24 AM, Martin Hepworth <maxsec at> wrote:
> not normal, but it's telling you whats happening as it can't get a 
> proper scan out of the message. I'd check you're permissions and the 
> like are good to start with then run the problem message through a 
> debug session (loggied in as postfix user first so you get a proper 
> look at any permissions issues)

You lost me on "logged in as postfix" ...

# grep postfix /etc/passwd

The above is from the new RHEL gateway.

All our older Ubuntu gateways are ...
# grep postfix /etc/passwd

I never considered that

Run As User = postfix
Run As Group = postfix

actually required the postfix account to support being "logged into".

Do you mean sudo -u postfix MailScanner ...  ?

If I do "sudo -u postfix MailScanner --lint" both this new and the older gateways (which have been working for years) fail but fail differently (different versions of MailScanner as well).

How do I "run the problem message through a debug session"?
In the man pages and in the book I have failed to see how to do that.

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