SV: Betr.: Re: Mailscanner performance monitoring ?

Arjan Melein Amelein at
Tue May 7 13:34:14 IST 2013

Hi Jonas,

Thanks for that one, I had not found that one yet and its working
perfectly against GroupWise, exchange seems to be needing a
configuration change as it accepts everyone by default, then sends out a
bounce message.
For postfix it is called 'Recipient address verification' and I rather
quickly found out that you need to set a custom error as well or it will
send back internal IP's  in the error ;-)


>>> Op 7-5-2013 om 12:12 is door Jonas Akrouh Larsen <jonas at>
> Arjan:
> If you don't already, you should do what exim calls callouts. It
> checks to see if you backend/receiving server will accept the
> address.
> And if not the mailscanner box doesn't accept the mail and its
> before any av or antispam checks. This saves huge amounts of
processing. Also 
> it doesn't require anything like ldap or dayli syncs, only smtp.
> I'm not sure what postfix and sendmail calls it, but I'm sure they
> something similar
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