Mailscanner performance monitoring ?

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What RBL's are you using? 

Check your mail logs and you could run a perl script to do a count for the top 10 hosts hitting your server. Check those hosts in particular to see if you are being attacked. If so, implement fail2ban.

Also check your SA and MailScanner config (mailscanner --lint)

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We're currently getting flooded by spam and every so often our mailscanner is having trouble seems to have trouble keeping up causing our inbound queue to hit 3000+ messages and I am trying to figure out where the processing time is going.
I am getting the impression *something* is causing a delay, I am unsure as to what but I'm thinking in the way of RBL's or DNS...

The server is a quadcore with 20 MS threads and it can churn through 10-30 average mails per second depending on their size so either e-mails are being delivered faster then they can be scanned or there is indeed a delay somewhere.

Its a 'new' install (few months old) on FC18. I've seen it clear the 3000 message queue in 5 - 10 minutes after manually stopping and starting mailscanner.

Any ideas anyone ?


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