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If you don't already, you should do what exim calls callouts. It basically checks to see if you backend/receiving server will accept the recipient address.

And if not the mailscanner box doesn't accept the mail and its rejected before any av or antispam checks. This saves huge amounts of processing. Also it doesn't require anything like ldap or dayli syncs, only smtp.

I'm not sure what postfix and sendmail calls it, but I'm sure they have something similar

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Thanks for this document Phil, I have mine set up in almost the same way so that's always reassuring:-)

As to answer everyone else (thanks those who responded) and not send a mail for each, shortly after sending my original mail I noticed the primary (local) dns server and backup (other, older server) dns were switched around in /etc/resolv.conf.. so it was using the backup for all lookups instead of the local machine.
So far it has not bogged down again so I'm guessing that was it.

I was already using a ramdisk (tmpfs) for the work dir which gave me a huge improvement when I started using it in the past.  LDAP would be too complex and would increase processing time too much as I am hosting for multiple sites that have their own directory and mail-server.
I'd have to do something like pull all e-mail addresses from each site on a daily basis and cache them locally to check against.


>>> Op 2-5-2013 om 7:47 is door Phil Barnett <philb at> geschreven:
> I do quite a few things for processing speed. One of the important 
> ones is to create a ramdisk where you unpack your mail for scanning. 
> My recipe is in the following document. It has been updated over the 
> years since I created it in 2007.

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