Betr.: Re: Mailscanner performance monitoring ?

Arjan Melein Amelein at
Mon May 6 09:08:03 IST 2013

Thanks for this document Phil, I have mine set up in almost the same way so that's always reassuring:-)

As to answer everyone else (thanks those who responded) and not send a mail for each, shortly after sending my original mail I noticed the primary (local) dns server and backup (other, older server) dns were switched around in /etc/resolv.conf.. so it was using the backup for all lookups instead of the local machine.
So far it has not bogged down again so I'm guessing that was it.

I was already using a ramdisk (tmpfs) for the work dir which gave me a huge improvement when I started using it in the past.  LDAP would be too complex and would increase processing time too much as I am hosting for multiple sites that have their own directory and mail-server.
I'd have to do something like pull all e-mail addresses from each site on a daily basis and cache them locally to check against.


>>> Op 2-5-2013 om 7:47 is door Phil Barnett <philb at> geschreven:
> I do quite a few things for processing speed. One of the important ones is
> to create a ramdisk where you unpack your mail for scanning. My recipe is
> in the following document. It has been updated over the years since I
> created it in 2007.

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