Fwd: Apache SpamAssassin 3.4.0 release candidate 2 - invitation to testers

Martin Hepworth maxsec at gmail.com
Sat Jun 22 11:01:57 IST 2013

Heads up, if anyone can help test against Mailscanner would be useful

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Date: Saturday, 22 June 2013
Subject: Apache SpamAssassin 3.4.0 release candidate 2 - invitation to
To: users at spamassassin.apache.org

This is not a formal announcement, but an invitation to a broader
users community to try the release candidate of the coming release
of Apache SpamAssassin version 3.4.0 .

Preliminary release notes and a link to the package was published
in a posting to the dev at spamassassin.apache.org <javascript:;> mailing list:


The "call for votes" in the message only applies to project members,
but feedback from wider audience of testers is very much welcome.

The Mail-SpamAssassin-3.4.0-rc2 package is available at:


Rules may be downloaded from the same location, but this is rarely
necessary.  A normal procedure is to install the software (the usual
CPAN installation procedure should suffice, but this very much depends
on a platform of choice), then run a 'sa-update' command, which will
find and download appropriate rules to a version-specific directory.

Except for some minor details, the 3.4.0 is compatible with 3.3.2 in
its API and in database formats (but uses a separate directory to store
rules), so it should be possible to switch back and forth between both
versions in a test environment, if a need arises. Still, due diligence is
appropriate: have your backups ready before starting to play with
the new software, especially in a production environment.
Nevertheless, this version has been in production use at several sites
for months, so it should be at least as good as 3.3.2 .

It is expected that the final release will follow shortly, so a quick
response would be appreciated.


Martin Hepworth, CISSP
Oxford, UK
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