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Fri Jun 21 22:19:03 IST 2013


I had a question and I am apparently not smart enough on perl to figure
this out. The issues has to deal with how MailScanner passes logging
information to loggers such as MailWatch.

In short, the subject line "C'est ça que ça dit" gets chopped in the SQL
logs to just "C'est". Reviewing the MailWatch code, the message information
is pushed into an array like this:

push @in, $_;

So I guess my real question here is if anyone knows if the data being
passed from MailScanner is escaped before being packed? I am trying to
figure out where in this chain it is being broken:

MailScanner => MailWatch => MailWatch processing => SQL Log

I am guessing that is is not between these two:

MailWatch processing => SQL Log

Because I did some testing with expected results using quotemeta.



Jerry Benton
Mailborder Systems
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