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Hi Mark,

Thanks for this. I went for the database clamd option in the end.
I don't imagine there's any difference. I want the phishing just added as spam viruses (which share the same header as normal spam), but I might split up phishing and spam viruses at some point.

It's all working now. Thanks for your explanation (and sorry for top posting).


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On 07/22/2013 08:36 AM, Richard Mealing wrote:
> I'm trying to implement ScamNailer and I'm using the perl script to 
> download the file into my spamassassin directory.

First of all, see the thread that begins at<>
and particularly, the patch in the post at <>.

Otherwise you will be working with old data.

> On that file I can see lots of rules included with a score at the very 
> bottom. I'm just wondering if I have to add a line to the 
> "SpamAssassin Rule Actions" directive or can I leave spamassassin to deal with the scores?

The bottom has a score for the rule 'SCAMNAILER'. The score is not important, but you need a 'SpamAssassin Rule Actions' rule or ruleset for it. See the documentation in MailScanner.conf around line 2551 starting with "# This next setting is very powerful."

In my case, I have

SpamAssassin Rule Actions = %rules-dir%/spamassassin_rule_actions.rules

and for the default rule I have

FromOrTo:	default	SCAMNAILER=>store,not-deliver,forward
user+phish at,header "X-GPC-MailScanner-Originally-To: _TO_"

which will store the message in quarantine, not deliver it, forward it to user+phish at and add the header
X-GPC-MailScanner-Originally-To: with the original envelope recipient to the forwarded message.

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