Getting mailscanner into Fedora

Christopher Meng cickumqt at
Fri Jul 12 07:10:01 IST 2013

To Jerry:

I never say newer is better. But the fact is newer things are
appearing more and more now. After doing a searching of each package
ms needed, I found that all these packages have newer version now, and
newer version is now in not only Fedora, but many other distros.

You can enjoy your life with many old systems, like me, also have a
CentOS 5 instance on my server. But I just said I will have a try to
get this famous software borned again in the repos.

I'm just saying, too.

To Stephen Swaney:

Thanks. I want to package it for Fedora because I also want to package
it for EPEL and because EPEL can be configured on RHEL/CentOS servers.
I don't use Fedora as server OS.

I think EPEL is old enough.

Summary: Guys, please spare me. I just want to package a software, I'm
not trying to start an argument here.

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