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I just got off the phone with SpaceX. (Elon's space company currently
launching commercial shit into space.) I turned them down an offer, but
told them I would ask around. The job requires heavy NIX, hence why I am
emailing this list. I know that no one I work with will take this, but
someone on this list might be independently wealthy and interested:

The Job: Technical IA
Fortunately, they don't use Microsoft Windows on space ships, so you need
to know NIX.

- US Citizen
- Top Secret SCI clearance (current)
- Technical IA background
- Move to Los Angeles

The Pay: 110k

That ain't much for LA folks, but if you want to try and be a Star Trek
guy, this is your chance. If you are interested (and qualified) let me know
and I will put you in touch with the guy. I won't vouch for you unless your
name is Julian Field, but he's out anyway since he's a Brit. So, you are on
your own when it comes to interview grilling. I'd also pay attention to the
reviews on They ain't good.
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