Training or adujsting of SpamAssassin How to?

VladoB vladob at
Wed Dec 4 09:54:05 GMT 2013


I use SpamAssassin. I occasionally run sa-learn on selected IMAP 
folders, like this:

    sa-learn --ham --no-sync "/home/user1/Maildir/dir1/cur"
    sa-learn --ham --no-sync "/home/user1/Maildir/dir2/cur"
    sa-learn --ham --no-sync "/home/user2/Maildir/dir3/cur"
    sa-learn --spam --no-sync "/home/user3/Maildir/.Junk/cur"
    sa-learn --spam --no-sync "/home/user4/Maildir/.Junk/cur"
    sa-learn --sync

In case of extra annoying spam I add rules to 
manually, like this:

    body     LOCAL_ELGORDO1         /El Gordo International Email
    Lottery Award/i
    score    LOCAL_ELGORDO1         4
    describe LOCAL_ELGORDO1         Spam from El Gordo

Spam countermeasures will never be 100% perfect. Better some mails slip 
through, than correct mail catched and not delivered.


On 3.12.2013 14:10, Götz Reinicke - IT Koordinator wrote:
> Hi,
> usually our MailScanner installation is working fine, but from time to
> time some spam/phishing mails slip through the grid and bug or confuse
> our users.
> My question: How to handle such messages? The messages in questions
> usually have a good looking subject and not to much errors in the body,
> the from address exists. So all in all they look quite good, beside some
> foolish phishing urls.
> AFAIK I can train SpamAssassin some how or is there some other best
> practice suggestions?
> 	Thanks for any suggestion, hint etc. Regards . Götz

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