mailscanner + exim release from out queue

Rick Cooper rcooper at
Mon Apr 29 14:32:31 IST 2013

Jonas Akrouh Larsen wrote:
> Hi Alex
> We use exim as well, the reasoning was that since we use debian, and
> exim is default in dbian, it would be the most obvious choice. Also
> exim is extremely modular/expandable/customizable. While postfix
> might be possible to expand customize as well, my impression is that
> it's not as simple as exim.    
> We've been using exim+mailscanner for 5+ years with great results.
> My only caveat to the setup, is that we can't do the scanning at smtp
> time like amavisd does. 

I do both SA and Virus scanning at smtp (exim all the way)  time so I am
curious what you mean by this statement?

Rick Cooper

> Best regards
> Jonas Larsen
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> Just for informational purposes - I'm not judging - I'd like to know
> why you've chosen Exim over Sendmail or Postfix, for example. If it's
> too "off topic" it's ok to answer off-list - y en español si te es
> más fácil :D   

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