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Hello Jonas,

That MailScanner doesn't operate at SMTP-time is exactly what sets it
apart... It is the fundamental difference that make MailScanner perform so
much better, and suffer from so much less risk of DoS:ing, than amavisd ...
Sure, you cannot do "on the fly rejections", but ... AV/Anti-UCE scanning
is to expensive at that stage anyway (IMO)... apart from the simple things
you can do in the MTA, that is (recipient verification, rfc strictness,
graylisting etc). But the benefits of not doing it in one go, as amavisd
does, far outweigh that drawback.
If one were to somehow wrangle MailScanner into action during SMTP... one
could as well use amavisd instead;-).

As for choice of MTA, one should always stick with the one one is most
comfortable with ... You're far less likely to foobar things if you know
what you're doing:-). If one starts from scratch, taking into account what
happens to be the default on the system you use seem like a very sound

-- Glenn

On 29 April 2013 12:16, Jonas Akrouh Larsen <jonas at> wrote:

> Hi Alex
> We use exim as well, the reasoning was that since we use debian, and exim
> is default in dbian, it would be the most obvious choice. Also exim is
> extremely modular/expandable/customizable. While postfix might be possible
> to expand customize as well, my impression is that it's not as simple as
> exim.
> We've been using exim+mailscanner for 5+ years with great results.
> My only caveat to the setup, is that we can't do the scanning at smtp time
> like amavisd does.
> Best regards
> Jonas Larsen
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> Just for informational purposes - I'm not judging - I'd like to know why
> you've chosen Exim over Sendmail or Postfix, for example. If it's too "off
> topic" it's ok to answer off-list - y en español si te es más fácil :D
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