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What I would do is set up DNS to handle mail to mxtest.DOMAIN for inbound mail.  I presume you want to receive mail on this machine - NDRs and such at least.  That will keep the test stuff on the production servers.  After your satisfied, rename the mail server, and add it to the mix of MX records that handle real mail.

Sendmail uses a file called access to control connectivity.  I'm sure Postfix must as well.  With it, you can specify who and what can send/relay/receive mail on that host.  You should be able to tell it to only accept from specific IPs or subnets, email addresses or domains, etc.

Let your MTA handle who it will talk to.  When it is configured to send/receive from your specific domains, then route mail through that host and begin testing MailScanner.

MailWatch is worth installing.


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I am running Centos 6 with Postfix/mailscanner 4.84.5 with Spam Assassin and Clamd and I have a Test server that I am trying to prevent from e-mailing anyone outside 2 certain domains.  I have been trying to figure out the best way to set this up so that it does not interfere with the production servers or regular e-mails.  But not really clear on the best way to set this up.
I thought about trying to put something in whitelist.rules but want to have a clear plan of attack before I try anything to prevent disruption of normal e-mails.

Wanting to do something like
When From: ip.tst.srv.add           Only Allow to send to: & this (and block anything not to that domain)

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

Aaron Sampson
IT Department

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