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Sampson, Aaron Sampson at
Mon Sep 17 17:01:44 IST 2012

I am running Centos 6 with Postfix/mailscanner 4.84.5 with Spam Assassin and Clamd and I have a Test server that I am trying to prevent from e-mailing anyone outside 2 certain domains.  I have been trying to figure out the best way to set this up so that it does not interfere with the production servers or regular e-mails.  But not really clear on the best way to set this up.
I thought about trying to put something in whitelist.rules but want to have a clear plan of attack before I try anything to prevent disruption of normal e-mails.

Wanting to do something like
When From: ip.tst.srv.add           Only Allow to send to: & this (and block anything not to that domain)

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

Aaron Sampson
IT Department

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