Correct format for allow.filename.conf

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Fri Oct 5 16:23:16 IST 2012

Den 27 sep 2012 12:03 skrev "Kai Schaetzl" <maillists at>:
> I seem to be hitting some problem with the content of this file lately or
> may have just not recognized it earlier and may have been using a wrong
> format for some time.
> Locally released messages are caught although they are exempted by
> scan.messages.rules. It seems I have to exempt them in allow.filename.conf
> as well.
> Is something like this going to work?
> FromOrTo:   yes
> \.txt$  yes
> \.pdf$  yes
> \.bmp$  yes
> \.rel$  yes
> \.rels  yes

Hi Kai,

No, that looks wrong. Take a look at the overloading examples in the wiki,
to see what you'd need... Basically a ruleset that overload a "pure allow"
file for localhost...;-). Remember to do both name and type!
The ruleset(s) need a normal defaulr entry for the respective
filename/filetype rulesets.

> Do I need a default rule at the end?
> Thanks,?
> Kai

-- Glenn
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