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Fri Nov 30 07:49:22 GMT 2012

Hello all,

I spoke to Jules regarding Mailborder and extending an offer to the Beta
program to everyone on the MailScanner list.

I have been developing a product called Mailborder for about 8 years now
that incorporates MailScanner. It is a clusterable solution for email
gateways. It has previously been used only in private environments. It is
now available for open Beta to everyone on this list. It is limited to RH /
CentOS v5.8 at the moment, which is stable.  The version for RH / CentOS
6.3 is in development.

It is a licensed product. However, for Beta and the members of the
MailScanner developer community it is of course free. (As in free beer.)
The details are on the web site. You can use the code *BETA323 *to get as
many free licenses as you need. I ask that in return you post feedback to
the forums.

I invite you all to take a look. I am confident you will be impressed.

Jerry Benton
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