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Vernon Webb vernon at
Mon Nov 19 17:46:33 GMT 2012

I'm sorry if this is the wrong place for this but I really don't know where
else to. I have a CentOS Linux Web Hosting/Email Server  with emails being
scanned by MailScanner.  I have a client that has an in house Exchange
server that is looking for Spam/Virus filtering. I know I could use my box
as a relay server which would scan the incoming emails and have them sent to
their server. The way I understand MailScanner to work is virus/spam are set
at certain levels and are quarantined and others are deleted all setup in
the config file.  However, as it is currently it goes into a folder which if
an email is quarantined I basically have to go on the server and get what
they need. What I would like to know is, is there some way to store rejected
emails on the Linux server as emails with some type of individual user
interface so that they can login there themselves (on an email per email
level)  and see if something that was missed. Does that make any sense? Does
anyone have any idea how I would go about setting like that up? 




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