Spam increasing

Max Kipness max at
Thu Nov 15 19:49:08 GMT 2012

> Get the full spam email with all the  headers in a text format pref before mailscanner has seen it, then goto and drop it to that . The send the link here

> We can then copy the email to our systems and see what rules hit on our systems to see if any of our setups do a better job

Ok, I'll see what I can do. In order to get a copy before it hits MailScanner I would have to use MailScanner archiving?

Also, what are your thoughts on bayes being at 50% for a lot of spam? Would it be best to start over with the bayes database? It would seem that by having auto-learning turned on, and a few spam messages get through, this could create a domino effect as more and more is learned as non-spam when it actually is spam. I continue to send tons of the same type of spam through for learning, but I will then see the same type come through with 50%. By starting over and feeding 1000k + of legitimate spam, would that clean the bayes scoring up?


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