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Martin Hepworth maxsec at
Thu Nov 15 06:33:23 GMT 2012

On Wednesday, 14 November 2012, Max Kipness wrote:

> Thanks for the response...
> > Apart from the uri-bl entries its not hitting many rules so perhaps
> dropping the spam (full headers as well ) so people can run on their
> systems and see what rules hit
> What do you mean by dropping the spam/headers so people can run on their
> systems?
Get the full spam email with all the  headers in a text format pref before
mailscanner has seen it, then goto and drop it to that . The
send the link here

We can then copy the email to our systems and see what rules hit on our
systems to see if any of our setups do a better job

> Are you running sa-update every so often for rule updates to be
> applied
> No I did not but have it set up now.
> Thanks,
> Max
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