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Fri May 11 10:44:48 IST 2012

I think I have some confusion over the order in which rulesets are
I have a scan.messages.rules which starts with some exceptions, such as:
From: sender at    And To: *    no
then further down the file the general rule
To: *    yes
and a default rule
FromOrTo:    default    no
I've been working on the assumption it is parsed in order, so that email
matching the exceptions should not be scanned, the majority of mail for would be scanned and then anything left is ignored.
However, it appears that the exceptions still end up being scanned (ie
in the above example mail from sender at to is being
scanned). I can't find anything in README or EXAMPLES which gives
guidance on this. Nor can I find it in the book. Finally, my google-fu
is apparently not strong in this case.
What I did find in the book was the concept of nested rulesets. I wonder
if I should be using something like.
To: *    /path/to/rules/bar.scan.rules
and then in bar.scan.rules
From: sender at    no
FromOrTo:    default    yes
Any advice appreciated.
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