Problem messages - again

Ian Fenn ian at
Tue May 1 17:36:12 IST 2012


I'm picking up a previous thread where MailScanner is trapping certain messages and marking them as a problem. I'm running Version 4.84 5th March 2012 on a server running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4.

The messages concerned get marked as infected (other). However, no other information is provided and I can't seen any obvious pattern between the messages - some are spam, while some art not.

I've tried the TNEF patch recently posted here, and that doesn't seem to have done anything. Perl also has the -U flag attached.

The mail logs contain little information. This is all it tends to say:

May  1 17:17:33 mail MailScanner[4146]: Warning: skipping message q41FtFQd003086 as it has been attempted too many times 
May  1 17:17:33 mail MailScanner[4146]: Quarantined message q41FtFQd003086 as it caused MailScanner to crash several times 
May  1 17:17:33 mail MailScanner[4146]: Saved entire message to /var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine/20120501/q41FtFQd003086 

I've tried MailScanner --lint and that does not seem to express any errors.

I've also tried MailScanner --debug, in general and running against one of the problem messages. In both cases, the action seems to stall shortly after, 'Building a message batch to scan'.

Any advice would be much appreciated as this issue is driving me crazy.



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