mailstats on mailscanner server

Jan Agermose // Conviator ApS ja at
Wed Mar 14 15:39:35 GMT 2012


I have a mailscanner server I want to know about whats going in and out so I was running mailstats. After resetting the stats to get a more simple picture I get

Statistics from Wed Mar 14 16:31:50 2012
 M   msgsfr  bytes_from   msgsto    bytes_to  msgsrej msgsdis msgsqur  Mailer
 3        0          0K        1          2K        0       0       0  smtp
 4        3         60K        1         51K        0       0       0  esmtp
 9        1          1K        0          0K        0       0       0  local
 T        4         61K        2         53K        0       0       0
 C       14                    2                    8

my problem is that the pages I find simply say "msgsfr" means msg. from the mailer and "msgsto" means msg. to the mail. Sorry to say it does not do it for me :)

"local" means mails to local users, so "root" probably
"esmtp" means mails in communication with "outside mailers" - so when ever it has a server "on the line" thats not localhost, correct? So whats "smtp" then? Maybe thats because on MailScanner there are two sendmails running?  One for getting mails from the outside "esmtp" and then they are just placed on the server, picked up by MailScanner for scanning and then handed to "smtp" for remote delivery? 

when a mailserver connects from the outside to my box its a "msgsto" the esmtp?

and when it accepts the msg and "delivers" the msg to the server its sort of leaving esmtp to the local store and thats a msgsfr? But msgsfr is higher so thats not right? 

I want to know 1) how many mails are comming in and 2) how many are leaving the server after scanning - how many are beeing forwarede as "non spam" 

(not counting in the DB/mailwatch - ignoring that I have mailwatch installed)

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