Debug mode.

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Wed Mar 7 18:27:20 GMT 2012

Not sure it's a taint issue (and we've -U on anyway)

It seems to do it for a minute or so on a heap of messages every few hours.

If I look at the messages, I find nothing out of the ordinary.


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Are you sure its not a taint issue? What distro? Can you paste bin any logs that show the loops?

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Is there a way to get mailscanner to run normally, and chuck all the debug information into the logs too? (I know this will have adverse effects on performance :) )

We're trying to get to the bottom of an intermittent issue where mailscanner loops over a message that clamav detects as having a virus in (over and over) until it quarantines it, but can't seem to recreate it when the system's not under load. We're running, perl 5.10.1, clamav 0.97.3.



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