Mailwatch per_user filtering

glenn b rietendakje at
Tue Mar 6 10:47:30 GMT 2012

Hi all,


I’ve want
some more information about user_administration in mailscanner/mailwatch.


At this
moment I’ve been looking to the documentation on the website and found out that
you can add several different user types.



I’m interested
in the ‘R’ typ : Regexpr.


INSERT INTO users VALUES ('<username>',md5('<password>'),'<fullname>','R');

INSERT INTO user_filters VALUES ('<username>','<regexp>',md5(rand()),'Y');


I’ve been
looking for some examples, but I couldn’t found one on the web. The things I want
to know, is what you can put in the <regexp> field.


As I’m
correct you can setup a user with a certain view with this method, is it
possible to set some user op that can view everything except certain mails with
a certain object?




R cannot see mails from mails incomming with subject “Private”.

R2 cannot read the body from sensitive/confidential mails. ( this info is
located in the message header)


At this
moment I’m interesting to setting up a user for the second example, but I’m not
sure if this is possible and if a regular expression can help me with this. 


Any advice
or examples are welcome.
Kind Regards,Glenn 		 	   		  
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