Spam Issues w/ MailScanner and SpamAssassin

Jonathan Bober jtbober at
Fri Mar 2 16:25:58 GMT 2012



I setup a mail server for a small business with mailscanner, spamassassin,
and clamav to handle any viruses or spam. They were being inundated with
spam still so I adjusted some settings within mailscanner and spamassassin
as well as adding pyzor, razor, dcc and sought rules. For most users this
has helped quite a bit but there are still 4 users within the system that
are getting hundreds of "enlargement" emails and they are at odds with me
about it. Anyone have any experience with a small group of users that are
getting tons of spam? Any possible causes mailscanner and spamassassin to
allow this through? I have the system set to delete spam as it comes in but
this is to no avail.





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