ScamNailer Update Site Down?

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Tue Jun 19 07:26:02 IST 2012




Failed to retrieve valid current details

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On 18/06/2012 at 11:02 AM Kevin Miller wrote:

>Mike Wallace wrote:
>> Within the past 24 hours the ScamNailer update script is returning:
>> Failed to retrieve valid current details If I open
>> the page never loads completely and
>> returns no data.  
>> I saw on the ScamNailer website that Julian posted there was a new
>> version 2.10 with a url change. But when I downloaded it it has an
>> internal version number of 2.07. Anyone know what the correct url is
>> and I'll manually edit the scripts?  
>Ditto here.  I'm getting the follow when cron runs the update bad phishing
>site script, trying to pull updates from the same server.
>running hourly cronjob scripts
>SCRIPT: update_bad_phishing_sites exited with RETURNCODE = 9.
>I can ping but apparently something's broken
> ...Kevin
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