ScamNailer Update Site Down?

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Mon Jun 18 20:02:54 IST 2012

Mike Wallace wrote:
> Within the past 24 hours the ScamNailer update script is returning:
> Failed to retrieve valid current details If I open
> the page never loads completely and
> returns no data.  
> I saw on the ScamNailer website that Julian posted there was a new
> version 2.10 with a url change. But when I downloaded it it has an
> internal version number of 2.07. Anyone know what the correct url is
> and I'll manually edit the scripts?  

Ditto here.  I'm getting the follow when cron runs the update bad phishing site script, trying to pull updates from the same server.

running hourly cronjob scripts

SCRIPT: update_bad_phishing_sites exited with RETURNCODE = 9.

I can ping but apparently something's broken somewhere...

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