Scanning outbound mail?

John Wilcock john at
Fri Feb 10 14:21:41 GMT 2012

Le 10/02/2012 14:41, Richard Lynch a écrit :
> What do your rulesets look like?

Pretty simple really! Note that postfix is set up to ensure that 
authentication is compulsory to use one of our domain names in the 
envelope sender, which simplifies matters somewhat. If you don't do 
this, you need to include your IP ranges in the rulesets instead of 
domain names.

From:	ourdomain.tld	store bounce
FromorTo:	default	store deliver

From:	ourdomain.tld	store bounce
FromorTo:	default	store

bounce.rules and notify.senders.rules
From:	ourdomain.tld	yes
FromorTo:	default	no

From:	ourdomain.tld	no
FromorTo:	default	yes

and in MailScanner.conf
Deliver Cleaned Messages = %rules-dir%/deliver.cleaned.rules
Notify Senders = %rules-dir%/notify.senders.rules
Spam Checks = %rules-dir%/spam.checks.rules
Spam Actions = %rules-dir%/spam.actions.rules
Enable Spam Bounce = %rules-dir%/bounce.rules


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