Where is Julian?

Jeremy McSpadden jeremy at fluxlabs.net
Wed Feb 1 13:54:47 GMT 2012

Not necessarily. If the project is feature complete, yet takes manual work-arounds to work properly on every distro, doesn't mean it's solid. Given that MS is dependent on Perl, and the newer versions of perl break MS; a patch is in order. 

The room for concern is no one other than Julian has access to patch. There aren't other devs on this project. Sure someone could submit the patch, but looking at the lack of responses from Julian, it could take months to have the patches applied. 

Jeremy McSpadden

On Feb 1, 2012, at 7:24 AM, "Mikael Syska" <mikael at syska.dk> wrote:

> If its feature complete ... is it then a dying projekt? Then alot of
> projekts are dying. We only need to see new usages of MS since its so
> plugable and open source.

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