Where is Julian?

Mikael Syska mikael at syska.dk
Wed Feb 1 13:20:58 GMT 2012


On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 12:36 PM, Andreas Kasenides
<andreas.kasenides at cs.ucy.ac.cy> wrote:
> On 01/30/2012 05:33 PM, John Wilcock wrote:
>> Le 30/01/2012 15:56, Jeff Earickson a écrit :
>>> The periodic discussions on the list about MailScanner hanging (aka,
>>> "perl -U") has made me wonder what happened to Julian Field.  Is he
>>> ok?  Health problems, overwork in his day job, or lack of interest in
>>> MailScanner these days?
>> I wouldn't presume to speak for Julian in any way, but I do note that he's
>> pretty active on https://twitter.com/#!/JulesFM so I fear that lack of
>> interest is the main reason for his absence here. Certainly I hope it isn't
>> renewed health problems...
>> John.
> I certainly home Julian is in best of health but should I be worried.
> Is his absence from daily MailScanner activity  a sign of  dying  project?
> Should I be worried?

If its feature complete ... is it then a dying projekt? Then alot of
projekts are dying. We only need to see new usages of MS since its so
plugable and open source.

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