Mailscanner restarts after Spamassasin finds spam

Ove JK. Evensen Ove at
Mon Dec 17 09:37:42 GMT 2012

Hi all

I have to CentOS mashines running in MS Azure cloud that are running this as a spam filter/relay:

CentOS release 6.2 
Perl version 5.10.1
Postfix version 2.9.4
MailScanner version 4.84.5
ClamAV 0.97.6
PHP Version = 5.3.3
MySQL Version = 5.1.61
MailWatch Version = 1.2.0

The problem is that when  SpamAssasin finds a spam it kills mailscanner.
The Strange part it When I set debug = yes and debug spamassasin= yes  in MailScanner.conf it does NOT kill mailscanner. 
So I have nothing to go on to try to fix this.

Normal log entery:  
Dec 17 09:14:54 mta02-ian MailScanner: Process did not exit cleanly, returned 255 with signal 0 (sometimes it returned 2 and not 255)
Dec 17 09:14:54 mta02-ian MailScanner[2082]: Spam Checks: Found 1 spam messages
Dec 17 09:14:49 mta02-ian MailScanner[2082]: Virus and Content Scanning: Starting

Email i get about the message that killed Mailscanner:  
 Subject: test 2
 MessageID: E2DA912D839.A64D9
Quarantine: /var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine/20121217/E2DA912D839.A64D9
    Report: MailScanner: Message attempted to kill MailScanner

So any help in pointing me in the right direction to fix this would be greatly appreciated:

Thank you all for taking time reading my email and happy XMAS to you all !  


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