How to block emails that FROM doesn't belongs to server domain list

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at
Thu Aug 16 09:34:14 IST 2012


> If you mean mails that fake sending from your domain to your domain
> (or anywhere else) you might wanna look into dns ptr records.
> It's a simple trick that allows the receiver to perform a dns lookup
> on the sending mail server to verify if it's one of the valid mail
> servers for that domain.


> It's not foolproof since the receiving end has to do this, but if the
> receiving end is you it works like a charm :)
> With ptr dns records you will no longer receive mails from a sender
> that claims to be from your domain, and a lot of other mail servers
> who have their ptr record defined as well.
> I know google uses it since I forgot a mailserver in the dns ptr
> record once, and it started rejecting all the mail from that specific
> mail server.

Anyway its a non MailScanner discussion so i suggest to move this 


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